France (81 mins, dir. Rudi Rosenberg)
'Freaks and Geeks, French style... a film that not only favors the nerds over the jocks but shows how fun it is to be on the lower end of the social totem pole.' - Hollywood Reporter

When shy but lovable 13-year-old Benoît arrives in a new high school, it's as if he has to begin his life again from scratch. After trying and failing to make it with the cool kids, Benoît finds his lot thrown in with the school's resident outcasts. Bound by a love of bad jokes and ill-advised pranks, the reluctant friends make for an unlikely gang, but in the face of all that adolescence has to throw at them, having each other might just be enough.

Winner of the New Directors prize at San Sebastian, The New Kid is the very funny feature film debut from actor turned writer/director Rudi Rosenberg. With a knock-out cast of emerging young actors, it shines a charming new light on a familiar story, offering a sharply humorous take on the perils and pitfalls of surviving high school and the universal maxim that being cool isn't as important as being yourself.

02/08/20161:30pmACMIPast event
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Language: French w/English subtitles
Genre: Comedy/drama
KEY THEMES: Not fitting in, friendship, high school cliques, bullying, identity, first love, seeing beyond stereotypes, embarrassment, coming-of-age
MIFF recommends this film is suitable for ages 12+


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