Germany (94 mins, dir. Tommy Krappweis)
When you are 15 years old, every day feels like the end of the world. If Mara doesn't use her magical gifts, it actually could be.

Like any other 15-year-old, Mara just wants to fit in with her peers, and find her place in life. But schoolyard bullies and a weird, embarrassing mum are soon the least of her problems, because Mara’s just learned that she’s a mystic seer; that the ancient legends are all true; and that the fate of the world rests on her shoulders.

With help from Nordic mythology professor Dr Reinhold Weissinger, Mara must travel through time and encounter characters and creatures from folktales and myths to defeat the fire giant Loge, and make sure nefarious trickster god Loki cannot bring about Ragnarok: the end of the world.

Mara and the Firebringer is the delightful feature film debut from writer/director and award-winning children’s TV creator Tommy Krappweis, adapted from his YA fantasy novel of the same name. Warm-hearted, funny and empowering, with a terrific performance from Lilian Prent in the title role, it’s a world away from the dystopian fare Hollywood currently serves adolescents.

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Language: German w/English subtitles
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy
KEY THEMES: Bullying, problem solving, parental conflict, valuing education, resolving conflict, mythology, the arts, history
MIFF recommends this film as suitable for ages 10+


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